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Course outline

Acquired skills

These are the main competences for which this degree will qualify you:

  • GE1. A knowledge of and the ability to use theories, paradigms, concepts and principles of geology.
  • GE10. An ability to apply geological knowledge for the exploration, assessment of extraction and management of natural resources in line with demand from society, and in a sustainable fashion.
  • GE11. An ability to use knowledge of geological processes and materials in fields of work recognized in law as being within the scope of geologists.
  • GE12. Varied experience in geological fieldwork as regards rocks, structures, landscapes and other natural elements.
  • GE13. Sufficient knowledge of other disciplines important for geology.
  • GE2. An ability to use geological terminology, nomenclature, conventions and units properly.
  • GE3. An ability to acquire a space and time based vision of geological processes and their effects (minerals, rocks, fossils, structures, reliefs, etc) on the planet.
  • GE4. A knowledge and understanding of current environmental processes and the potential risks associated with them, and of the need to exploit and conserve the earth's resources.
  • GE5. An ability to carry out field and laboratory work responsibly and safely.
  • GE6. An ability to draw up models of the subsoil based on surface and geophysical data.
  • GE7. An ability to obtain, process, analyse and interpret data and observations in the field and in a laboratory using appropriate techniques and instruments, and to document the results correctly in reports or field journals.
  • GE8. An ability to draw up and implement strategies for resolving geological problems and to prepare the corresponding reports.
  • GE9. An ability to convey geological information orally and in writing to a specialist and non-specialist audiences.
  • GT1. An ability to analyse and synthesise.
  • GT2. An ability to solve problems.