XSL Content

Course outline

Acquired skills

These are the main competences for which this degree will qualify you:

  • To analyse, interpret and explain social processes and events based on the knowledge and methods specific to the social sciences (Sociology, Economics, Law, and Modern History) within the context of the media's remit.
  • To apply the main journalistic genres and formats to reporting procedures using the appropriate languages for each one of the media channels.
  • To develop skills and apply techniques, technologies and resources to communication and information processes.
  • To express themselves fluently and communicate effectively both orally and in writing, knowing how to use the language resources that are best suited to the different media.
  • To find, select, prioritise and analyse different sources, adapting their content to narrative forms and strategies.
  • To gain knowledge and understand the meaning and pertinence of theories, concepts and methodologies within the interdisciplinary context of communication.
  • To properly design the formal and aesthetic aspects of the content according to the characteristics of the different media.
  • To successfully devise, plan, execute and manage informative or communicative projects.