About the course

Smartgrids are a confluence of the need to improve the integration of variable renewable energy sources (main Distributed Generation (DG)) and the development of new technologies, particularly ICTs and power electronics.

Smartgrids allow an efficient and safe management of electricity, optimising the production, distribution and consumption of electricity, in order to better balance the supply and demand between producers and consumers.

This Master was created with the aim of training highly qualified professionals in the design, integration and analysis of control systems and management of the main components of Smartgrids. This way, it seeks to respond to the demand of companies and technology centres in the sector of electricity networks and DG, in an increasingly international context.

For this, the training programme confers knowledge in the field of:

  • the techniques and methodologies related to modelling and control
  • ICTs
  • power electronics
  • energy storage systems
  • electrical networks
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools applied to the management of energy.

Likewise, the students acquire the skills required to solve the problems that arise in the mentioned areas, as well as the ability to evaluate the behaviour of Smartgrids components, defining specific evaluation criteria.

This master's degree has the Unibasq Internationalization Seal, which promotes and recognises the internationalization of the student body.

This master's degree also offers the possibility of gaining a combined degree with the École Superieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées-ESTIA (France).

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Places available



Face-to-face degree course






1,5 years

Approximate fees

4.000 €

Teaching place

University of the Basque Country: Faculty of Engineering - Gipuzkoa

University of the Basque Country: Faculty of Engineering - Gipuzkoa. Eibar Department

University of the Basque Country: Faculty of Informatics

École Superieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées-ESTIA (France)


Person in charge of the Master :

Secretariat :


4 reasons to study this master

  • More than 1.000 hours of activities (internships, TFM, seminars, application to specific projects, classes ...) in contact with companies and technological centres with renowned prestige.
  • At the end of the first year, all the students begin to carry out paid internships in a company. These internships make it easier to look for a job or do a PHD and explain the very high professional insertion rate of the students of the Master.
  • The degree has the International Mention. All classes are taught in English, and there is the possibility of taking certain subjects in Basque, Spanish or French.
  • Dual programme in conjunction with the Ecole Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées (ESTIA Institute of Technology) in Bidart, which facilitates securing a job at a French company or linked to the French market.


Participating universities

ESTIA Institute of Technology


Career Opportunities

  • Project design, maintenance and responsibility, in the electric power, transport or machine tool sector.
  • Research in the field.

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