About the course

The main objective of this Master's degree programme is to provide the students with a strong foundation in the process of acquiring second and successive languages ​​in a multilingual environment. To this end, we equip the students with all the necessary theoretical and methodological tools so that they are able to identify the numerous factors related to language acquisition ​​from different theoretical perspectives: cognitive-interactionist, generative and sociocultural.

The students will carry out research with groups from the UPV/EHU, as well as from other national and international institutions. Furthermore, the students will be able to interact with internationally-renowned researchers who will be participating in the conferences and seminars, and delivering lectures during the Special Topics in SLA (Second Language Acquisition) courses.

The programme also imparts knowledge required for applying research results to the teaching practicum in the field of foreign language teaching.

This Master's degree programme gives direct access to the doctoral programme in Language Acquisition in Multilingual Settings of the UPV/EHU.

Places available



Face-to-face degree course






1 academic year

Approximate fees

1.600 €

Teaching place

University of the Basque Country: Faculty of Arts


Person in charge of the Master:



4 reasons to study this Master

  • You will be trained by the researchers from the Grupo de Investigación de Excelencia (Research Group): Language and Speech Laboratory, whose members have internationally recognised professional trajectories.
  • The course is taught entirely in English.
  • The programme has a collaboration with the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language, where the students can carry out practical studies by way of work placements, and with the University of Lancaster, ranked 9th among UK's 129 universities, where the students can enrol for several courses.
  • You will be able to get access to the laboratories and advanced technology of the Micaela Portilla Research Center, where you can study different aspects of language acquisition.

Career opportunities

The most immediate career prospects include, on the one hand, research on language teaching and learning in multilingual settings and, on the other hand, the field of language teaching at primary, secondary and university level education. Furthermore, this Master's programme equips the students with a multidisciplinary training that will open the doors to a wide range of job opportunities for them, such as the publishing industry, tourism or linguistic and cultural mediation, in both public and private organisations.


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