Railway dynamics Research Group


Welcome to the railway dynamics website of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). The research team is part of the Mechanical Engineering Department, at the Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao. Currently we are 3 Ph.D. researchers, 4 junior researchers and several graduate students working in railway dynamics and simulation, rail corrugation, wheel-rail contact computation and wheel profiles optimization. Some of them also teach graduate and post-graduate courses at the University.

In this website you will find information about our main lines of investigation, results of some research projects, personal data of team members and a complete list of publications. Many of them are available for download, please click the publications tab.

The research team has carried out several projects during the last years, and has been working on different lines related with railway dynamics. The group is mainly focused on the following research topics:

  • Wheel-Rail Contact. Analysis and detection of contact points in 3-D. Application to sharp curves negotiation. Conformal contact analysys.

  • Rail Corrugation. Approach to rail corrugation formation through flexible track models.

  • Vehicle – Track Interaction. Analysis of medium and high frequency track vibrations. Construction of advanced railway vehicle models with flexible rails and discrete supports. Ballasted track and slab track comparison.

  • Risk of Derailment. Creep forces investigation at contact points and analysis of the influence of the wheelset angle of attack on the risk of derailment.

  • Wheel Profile Optimization. Use of Genetic Algorithms to optimize wheel profiles and improve dynamical performance of railway vehicles.