Central Analysis Service of the UPV/EHU. Alava Unit

Types of service offered

Analysis of specific substances

The person requesting the analysis will, after having previously checked with the Service Technicians, provide the standardized analytical methodology required for carrying out the analysis. These will be carried out by Service Technicians and invoiced to the person requesting them. In the event that perishable material should be required which, owing to its specific characteristics, may not be available at the Service (chromatographic columns, atomic absorption lamps, etc.), these must be purchased by the person requesting the analysis.

Characterization of unknown compounds

Once the budget for the analysis has been approved by the person requesting it, the Service Technicians will then carry out the characterization work.

Research studies and/or work

Any research group from the UPV/EHU may request from the General Service the use of certain equipment for a certain period of time, in order to carry out research studies or work. The research group requesting this must provide personnel who will be suitably trained in the use of equipment by the Service Technicians.

Back-up for teaching

A certain number of practical classes may be organised in subjects from the syllabuses of UPV/EHU qualifications which are related to the techniques available at the Service.

MA and/or other courses may also be given in instrumental techniques. These are aimed at graduates or engineers in Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biology, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine, among other subjects.

Training of personnel

The person so requesting may, after having previously checked with the Service Technicians, be trained on relevant courses (theoretical and practical) in handling the techniques available at the Service. They may also receive advice about analytics which are carried out using the aforementioned techniques or about the different problems or consultations associated with them.