Offered services

The infrastructure available at the Coupled Multispectroscopy Laboratory (Raman-LASPEA) enables analysis to be carried out in different technical-scientific areas. Any material with covalent links can be analysed using Raman and FRIT techniques. Some of the areas of application are listed below:

Earth Sciences (Geochemistry)

  • Mineral phase and rock characterisation
  • Identifying precious stones
  • Sludge study

Fine Arts and Humanities

  • Paints
  • Agglutinants
  • Sculptures
  • Strategic cuts

Sciences of the Materials

  • Studying new polymers
  • Inorganic compounds with special properties
  • Nanoparticles

Engineering and the Environment

  • Pollution mechanisms and sources
  • Monitoring chemical reactions and processes
  • Catalyser characterisation and development

Pre-history and Ancient History

  • Studying supports
  • Studying techniques to prepare archaeological materials
  • Fossils


  • Studying cancer cells