Areas of application

The features of this unit cover all aspects of the study of a crystalline structure based on single crystal diffraction data: the selection and assembly of the single crystal, previous symmetry studies, the collection of diffraction data, the structural resolution and the analysis of the results.

The available equipment also makes it possible to undertake structural studies based on the diffraction data of polycrystalline materials. This technique allows to identify the crystalline phases present in the sample without destroying it, allowing the material to be recovered without any deterioration. It is possible to characterize, in a wide variety of materials, its crystalline structure, the presence of residual texture or stresses, the thickness of layers, structural transitions, etc., These studies are carried out by analyzing the profile of the diffractogram, using, in the cases that require the specific software for it.

The main applications can be included in the following sections:

  • The identification of pure phases or of the phases present in a mixture.
  • The characterization of the crystalline structure of a compound.
  • Identification and study of crystal phase transitions as a function of temperature.
  • The study of material imperfections or defects, glass size, impurities, terms of solid solutions.
  • Analysis of residual tension phenomena (stress).
  • Microstructural characterization, calculation of thicknesses or macrostructures.
  • The identification and study of polymorphic phases, for example, for pharmaceutical use.
  • The determination of degrees of texture of different alloys and composites.
  • Structural studies on periodic and non-periodic solids, especially on materials with immeasurable structures and quasicrystals.

In addition, the X-Ray Service offers advice to obtain a better performance of the measurements to be carried out, as well as optimization of the experiments. In the case of specific problems that cannot be solved with the available resources, it will help to formulate requests for proposals for measures in large supranational facilities (synchrotron and / or neutron beam sources)