Equipamiento - Análisis de combustibles

Equipment - Analysis of fuels

  • Elemental analysis (C, H, N, S, Cl)
    • Characterization of solid and liquid fuels by LECO automatic determinators. C, H, N and S determination (TruSpec CHNS).
    • Calorimetric pump and Chloride determination by ion chromatography (Dionex, ICS 3000 with conductivity and amperometric detectors) for Cl analysis.
    • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer  (AANALYST 100 from Perkin Elmer).
    • Optic Emision ICP Spectrometer OPTIMA 2000 OV from Perkin Elmer.
  • Thermogravimetry:
    • Thermogravimetric balance LECO TGA 500.
    • Thermogravimetric analysis system TGA/SDTA851 (Mettler Toledo).
    • Differential calorimeter DSC 30 from Mettler Toledo.
  • Heat of combustion:
    • Automatic Calorimeter LECO AC 500

Equipamiento - Análisis de combustibles

Equipamiento - Técnicas analíticas

Characterization and Analysis Equipment

Gas chromatography:

  • Gas chromatograph (AGILENT 6890) with mass detector (AGILENT 5973).
  • Gas chromatograph GCxGC (AGILENT 7890A) with FID and mass detectors (AGILENT 5975C).
  • Gas chromatograph (AGILENT 6890 N) with FID and TCD detectors.
  • Gas chromatograph (AGILENT 7890 A) with FID and TCD detectors.
  • Gas chromatograph (HP 5890 SERIES II) with FID and FPD detectors.
  • Micro GC Varian with conductivity detector.
  • Micro GC Jas with mas detector (AGILENT5975 C VL MSD).
  • Micropyrolizer with gaseous direct chromatography PYROPROBE 5200 from CDS.
  • Liquid chromatography:
    • Liquid chromatograph HPLC 1100 Series AGILENT with DAD and IRD detectors.
    • Liquid chromatograph HPLC KONIK with UV detector.
    • Ionic chromatograph (Dionex ICS 3000) with conductivity and amperimetric detectors.
  • Espectrometry:
    • FTIR from Bruker spectrometer with two modules: Vertex 70 with DTGS detector and XSA with MCT detector.
    • Visible-ultraviolet spectrofotometer: PERKIN ELMER Lambda 2.
    • Mass-spectrometer Cuadrupolar OmniStar TM.
  •  Others:
    • Autosorb-1 from QUANTACHROME Analyzer of surface area and pore size distribution, chemisorption and automatic temperature programmed studies (TPR, TPD, TPO).
    • Automatic Distiller ISL AD-86 5G according to the ASTM D-86, D-189, D-850, D-1078, IP 123, AFNOR M07-002, JIS K22254 and ISO-3405 rules.
    • CRISON GLP22 for selective electrodes (F- electrode).
    • Vapour pressure osmometer KNAUER.
    • BROOKFIELD laboratory viscometer.
    • Flash-point analysis.
    • Cutting Mills: RETSCH SM-2000 and RETSCH ZM-1000 with RETSCH DR 100; and IKA MF 10 BASIC with impact and cutting rotors.   
    • Microwave digestor Ethos1 from Milestone.
    • Water purification systems Elix and Milli-Q fromMillipore.
    • Accesorories equipment: rotary evaporator, siever, centrifugator, heaters (vacuum heater), balances, press, ultrasound bath, gas flow controlers, vacuum filtering, etc.

Equipamiento - Técnicas analíticas (fotos)

Equipamiento - Plantas Piloto de Escala de Laboratorio

Equipment - Lab Scale Plants

Pilot plants for several applications:

  • Thermolysis reactions pilot plants (equipped with T and P controlers).
  • Catalytic activity tests in fixed-bed plants: Microactivity PID Eng&Tech
  • A fixed-bed microreactor plant.
  • Autoclave equipped with automatic control system.
  • An integrated pilot plant with fixed-bed and membrane reactors.
  • Reactive distillation pilot plant.     
  • Pilot plant to perform continuous solids thermal treatment with thermocatalytical processing of the vapours.

Equipamiento - Plantas Piloto de Escala de Laboratorio (fotos)