MOBILITY AWARDS FOR ENLIGHT RESEARCHERS: 11 beka esleitzear / 11 becas por adjudicar

Fecha de primera publicación: 09/05/2024

Call for mobility awards for R&I projects around ENLIGHT flagship areas between researchers from different ENLIGHT consortium partners.

The ENLIGHT R&I ECR Mobility Award facilitates mobility/travel for promising joint collaborations – in research fields linked to the ENLIGHT flagship domains – between early career researchers from dif-ferent ENLIGHT consortium partners. The aim is not only to enhance overall R&I collaborations between ENLIGHT consortium partners, moreover, to support early career researchers in expanding their net-work.

This seed money is intended to support the development stage or further elaboration of joint research activities conducted by early career researchers of different (minimum 2) ENLIGHT consortium partners, e.g. the initiation, design and/or development of one (or more) joint research proposals to be submitted to regional, national or international funding agencies including the Horizon Europe framework pro-gramme, etc.

This call therefore aims to facilitate in-person meetings and mobility between these early career re-searchers to concretize their collaboration, and/or to help them acquire necessary skills required to fur-ther elaborate their idea/project.

Applying researchers must contribute to the research mission of ENLIGHT, and hence focus on the de-velopment of (new) joint research initiatives amongst ENLIGHT partners. These research initiatives must focus on one of the 5 ENLIGHT flagship domains and correspond to major societal challenges and prior-ities (health and well-being, climate action, energy transition and circular economy, digital innovation (AI / Open Science), and equity).

Applying proposals may apply for maximum three individual mobility awards (of max. € 1.000,- each) per project in case the application entails a joint participation to a conference, training or workshop.

Awardees of the ENLIGHT R&I ECR Mobility Award will automatically be pre-selected for the ENLIGHT R&I Prize once their (progress) report (cf. below) has been accepted by the ENLIGHT R&I Prize Secretar-iat.

APPLICATIONS (find link in attached document) to be sent to