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Internationalisation Track-Grado en Comunicación Audiovisual

Internationalisation Track

If you study BA in Audiovisual Communication you can join the Internationalisation Track (INTERTRACK). This is focused on those students that are especially interested on getting an international profile. Students who join this track will improve language skills in English and, at the end of their studies, they will get the competences to work in an international environment.

Requirements to join the INTERTRACK (that will have been obtained by the beginning of the 2nd year):

  • Pass at least 3 courses taught in English during the first year
  • B2 certificate in English

The INTERTRACK will be limited to 20 students. After being selected, every student must necessarily:

  • Pass 8 courses taught in English during the BA as a whole.
  • Pass at least 30 ECTS in an international mobility for studies
  • Write and defend a Final Degree Project in English.

Here can be checked the syllabi of courses offered in English for the bachelor degree on Audiovisual Communication.