CERN IdeaSquare Workshop “Design the Future”- 8th and 21st October 2021

Buscamos 30 estudiantes del Campus de Álava para participar en un Workshop online con profesorado del CERN (Organización Europea para la Investigación Nuclear).

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Plazo de inscripción hasta el 27 de septiembre de 2021

The CERN IdeaSquare in collaboration with the Basque Country University Araba Campus offers 30 UPV/EHU Arabacampus students with an entrepreneurship mind-set; a unique opportunity to join in the day-to-day work of research teams participating in challenges at “Design the Future” CERN IdeaSquare Online Workshop.



​​​​During a two day online workshop, October 8th and 21st.


​​​​We live in a highly interconnected and accelerated society. More than ever-experienced, even small events produce large, global and highly unpredictable consequences that are non-linearly amplified. Moreover, if these events develop exponentially as we are experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the many issues that this pandemic has exposed is that a linear way of thinking is no longer valid. Our future as humankind requires replacing our traditional thinking archetypes and adopting non-linear and systemic approaches. Only in this way, we would be able to design scenarios for anticipating as much as possible the formidable challenges facing our Planet and us in the coming decades.

In this workshop we will take the first steps, so…be ready for embracing the seemingly impossible!



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  • Forms must be submitted by 27th September 2021.
  • Program participants will be announced on the 1st of October 2021.
  • The selection will be made in order of enrollment among all those who meet the requirements established in the call. Students enrolled at UPV/EHU Araba Campus and students from Álava who are studying in another UPV/EHU campus will have priority.
  • In order to guarantee the heterogeneity of the work teams, the organization reserves the right to discriminate when the number of students in the same area of knowledge is high because of the application of the above criteria.



  • Students enrolled during the course 2021/2022 throughout PhD, Master or last years of degree (from 4th degree course).
  • Knowledge of English: level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.



In October, before the students attend the “Design the Future” Workshop, teams of 5 people will be assembled mixing students from different disciplines.

Teams will hold separate skypes to get introduced to each other on the 5th of October. On the first day of the workshop, the 8th of October, each student team will briefly introduce their members (5 minutes of powerpoint presentation) as well as the name of the team and explain why that name has been chosen.

“Design the Future” Workshop will take place on October 8th and 21st according to the program (below) adopted by the organization. The call conference link will be provide in advance.

On the 8th of October teams challenges will be defined, and each team will be given a mission (im)possible. Each team will have to work before the final presentation of the project at October 21st.



  • The projects carried out will be evaluated by a jury according to the criteria stablished in the regulation of the program (see Bases de la Convocatoria for more information). The first and second classified teams with get 2.000 euros prize per team. Collaboration with CERN members will be highly valuated.
  • There will be an extra 1.000 euros price to distribute among the person from each team most involved in the project.



October 8th





10.00 h

Welcome Words

Amaia Calleja (UPV/EHU) / David Montero (BIC Araba)


10. 15 h

Introduction of the CERN IdeaSquare coaches and virtual visit to Antimatter Factory

Laura Wirtavuori /Pablo García-Tello

(CERN Ideasquare)


10.30 h

Student Teams Introduction


Each student team will introduce briefly their members as well as the name of the team and explain why that name has been chosen.

11.00 h

Exponential Thinking

Pablo García-Tello

(CERN Ideasquare)

Do you really know what exponential means?

12.30 h

Lunch Break

13.30 h

Multiverse Thinking

Pablo García-Tello

(CERN Ideasquare)

The game where your future happens.

15.00 h

Your challenge


15.30 h



16.30 h

End of Day one




October 21st





10.00 h

Brief Welcome Words

Izaskun Ruiz de Apodaca (BIC Araba)


10.15 h

Starting of the teams’ presentations

Student Teams


12.30 h

Lunch Break

13.00 h

Continuation of the teams’ presentations

Student Teams


15.00 h

Award Ceremony

UPV/EHU (Manoli Igartua) / BIC ARABA (David Montero)


16.00 h

Round of feedback


We would like to know about your team and individual experience

17.00 h

End of the Workshop