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Personal information

IBONE AMETZAGA ARREGI (PhD in Biological Sciences, Imperial College oF Science and Technology, UK) WoS Researcher ID: AAE-2152-2020

Current position: University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Department of Plant Biology and Ecology. Faculty of Science and Technology. Email: ibone.ametzaga@ehu.eus

Research career

I started my research career in 1987 at UK in forest ecology and management, and continued mainly at the UPV/EHU, and other institutions, but researching also in other ecosystems: mountain pastures, rivers and saltmarshes. I lead the Research Group founded by the Basque Government: Landscape Management: biodiversity and ecosystem services since September 2020, where based on the biodiversity and ecosystem function distribution in the territory develop instruments for the identification of priority actions that serve to avoid or minimize human impacts on ecosystems, maintaining a resilient landscape and the well-being of the population, aiming to provide planning and management tools for decision makers that affect changes in land use, ecosystem functions, and consequently the resulting flows of services. Our expertise in this field has led us to have an INTERREG project RENATUR (2019-2022) and a EC-LIFE Climate Change 2019 project: Via de la Plata, where I am the leader of the UPV/EHU group. I am also the coordinator of the UNESCO Chair on sustainable Development and Environmental Education in the UPV/EHU.