exploratory seminar

Imagining Education: Seeking New Metaphors For Schooling

Exploratory Seminar: Risk-taking Inquiry Into New Ideas About Education

Lehenengo argitaratze data: 2014/09/19

aining access to education for all is one of the most important assets of democratic and fair societies. For a long time, state schools, the basic organisational metaphor of educational systems, have received a good deal of criticism, mostly due to neoliberal political interests as well as their difficulty of educating all children and responding to today's educational challenges.


The structure (and the related machinery) created almost two hundred years ago has proven to be efficient in schooling most children, but is also emerging as a major obstacle to fostering genuine, self-regulated and student-centred learning, and seems to be failing to cope with the challenges and opportunities of the digital society. The need to deeply, openly and radically discuss these issues is based on our firm belief in the importance of education for all.