PRAXIS Research Group

Gabriel Painceyra

PhD Philosophy (University of the Basque Country, 2014). Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) in Philosophy of Science (University of the Basque Country, 2007). BA Philosophy (National University in Córdoba, Argentina, 2004).

The main lines of my research focus on some issues in philosophy of science and formal epistemology. I have been working, specifically, in the logic of scientific discovery, with application of tools and results from Computability Theory (a.k.a. Recursive Function Theory), Formal Learning Theory, and Computational Complexity Theory to the analysis of the performance of empirical methods and formal algorithms. I am concerned in giving formal characterizations of efficiency and reliability for different types of methods, showing with those characterizations the precise trade-off between efficiency and reliability present in general methodology. A great deal of this inquiry has been presented in my PhD dissertation, Efficiency and Reliability in the Logic of Scientific Discovery (in Spanish, University of the Basque Country, 2014), including original formal techniques for determining the levels of reliability which correspond to different computational complexity classes.

My previous work has addressed a number of topics in logic and set theory and, in particular, in the deontic logic of Miguel Sánchez-Mazas. I am co-editor— with Javier de Lorenzo— of the book: Obras Escogidas de Miguel Sánchez-Mazas, Vol. II: Lógica, Informática, Derecho ("Selected Works by Miguel Sánchez-Mazas, Vol. II: Logic, Computer Science, Law"), Donostia-San Sebastián, UPV/EHU, 2003.