Turn-key lines for Back Contact Solar Cells


Gorosabel Solar Energy a well known company, producing manufacturing systems, started its activity in the field of photovoltaic at early 2000 producing a solar cell shorter and sun simulator under license of the technology developed from the University of the Basque Country.

Nowadays, from the university, we are providing to Gorosabel Solar Energy knowledge and technology for the industrial production of back contact solar cells.

Graphic of the process

P-type substrate:

  1. Formation of holes (laser via drilling)
  2. Cleaning and texturing
  3. Phosphorus diffusion (in-type emitter)
  4. PSG etch
  5. AR coating
  6. Laser edge isolation
  7. AI-BSF screen-printing, drying and firing
  8. Ag 1, Ag 2 and Ag/Al screen printing, drying and Co-firing
  9. p-n contact isolation (laser)

The Transistor Wrap Through cell, TWT, is a UPV/EHU's patented structure what uses phototransistor for connecting the front and the rear faces.


Gorosabel Solar Energy

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