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Rufino Cabrera received his B.S degree and M.S. in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering and Digital Systems from the Technological University of Havana (CUJAE) in 2012 and 2018, respectively. Starting in 2012 and for eight years, he worked as a researcher at R&D Telecommunication Institute, where he researched about DTV systems. Starting in 2018 and for two years, he was part of the professor staff at the Technological University of Havana (CUJAE), where he teaches Communications Fundamental (theory of information), FPGA design and DTV Fundamentals (coding, multiplexing and modulation). Since 2020, he is part of the TSR Research Group, in UPV/EHU, where he is currently a Ph.D. student. His current research interests include the proposal for a DTV and 5G convergence core network.