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Dr. Unai Gil received the MSc. degree and PhD in Telecommunication Engineering from the Bilbao Engineering College, University of the Basque Country, in 2004 and 2011 respectively. He has been involved in several research projects during the last four years in the area of Digital terrestrial TV and Digital Radio broadcasting with the University of the Basque Country. His current research interests include several aspects of Digital Radio Mondiale signal processing applied to Simulcast configuration.

PhD. Thesis Title

Digital Radio Mondiale in Urban Areas: Quality of Service for Simulcast and Medium Wave Daytime Propagation

Brief Description

New radio broadcasting digital systems in the medium wave band are emerging in the last years and they require an accurate analysis in order to improve the future network planning.

This thesis is based on the results obtained from three extensive field trials of medium wave DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) which were carried out in Madrid (Spain), Delhi (India) and Mexico D.F. (Mexico) using different transmission frequencies and urban environment features.

The first part of the work is focused on obtaining the system threshold values for AM and DRM reception, simulcast time variability, mutual analogue- digital SNR degradation and reception impairment analysis. The overall result of this work is a high reliability of the AM and DRM services in the difficult Medium Wave Urban reception environments of the mentioned cities.

The aim of the second part of the thesis is to provide medium wave field strength spatial variability empirical parameters for urban environments. It is a deep analysis in order to improve and develop new prediction methods for this kind of environments.