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Department of Basque Language and Communication (BLC)

The Department of Basque Language and Communication (BLC) ( is in charge of the subjects of Basque language for scientific communication: Norms and Uses of the Basque Language and Communication in Basque: science and technology. These subjects have their origin in the Plan for Scientific Basque launched in 1979 with the aim of introducing Basque as a teaching language in the university. Currently, the main goal of these subjects is to help students improving their oral and written communication skills, to carry out successfully basic academic tasks in Basque, such as writing reports and presenting degree, master and PhD thesis. With regard to the society, the ultimate objective is to help students to become active agents in the development and stabilization of academic registers of Basque. In accordance with this responsibility, the department of BLC implemented the GARATERM project (2008) (, aimed to connect the development of academic registers of Basque with teaching-learning processes, through monitoring and analyzing academic text-genres. One important piece of GARATERM is the Terminologia Sareak Ehunduz (TSE) ‘Weaving Terminology Networks’ program created in 2010. The aim of TSE is to make the terminology and phraseology used in university classrooms visible for teachers and students, as well as for linguists and institutions in charge of the normalization of the language. Both the academic corpus GARATERM ( ) and the terminology database TZOS ( ) are being enriched thanks to the collaborative work of teachers, students and linguists of the BLC department.

Head of department



Igone Zabala Unzalu 
ext 2699 - 2912

Ines García Azkoaga
ext 3535