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Department of Geology

The Department of Geology is integrated by about 70 teachers and research scientist from six different knowledge areas: Crystallography and Mineralogy, External Geodynamics, Internal Geodynamics, Paleontology, Petrology and Geochemistry, and Stratigraphy, all of them distributed in a number of specific work teams. The Department teaches graduate and post-graduate courses in the Faculty of Science and Technology. Research activities carried out in the laboratories of the Department cover numerous fields from new materials or archaeometry and population migrations to environmental research, together with classicals studies in Earth Sciences related to geochronology and geochemistry, ore deposits, clay mineralogy and diagenesis, rock deformation and tectonics, hydrochemistry and groundwater, petroleum geology, paleoceanography, geomorphological Holocene processes, etc. The Department is associated with two research facilities of the University: the Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry Service and the X-rays: Rocks and Minerals Service. These facilities hold a large range of scientific intruments and installations (clean laboratories, laser ablation, Q- and MC-ICP-MS, XRF, XRD, etc.) that allow to carry out elemental, isotope and structural analyses of natural and synthetic products for the research community at the University and in public and private institutions. The Department also offers geological consulting expertise through mapping, microscopy and other specific technical advice.

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