Dto. Filología Inglesa y Alemana y Traducción e Interpretación
Faculty of Arts
University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)

I received my higher education degree of a foreign language professor and linguist specialized in English and Spanish in 2005 at Omsk State University and in 2011 I defended the doctoral thesis entitled “Elliptical constructions without a verb in their relation to the grammatical system of the language” at Altai State University. Later I got the abovementioned studies accredited to the degree in English Philology and to the degree of PhD in Philology correspondingly at the University of the Basque Country. In 2015 I completed my studies for the degree of Master in Cognitive Neuroscience of Language at the same university. During the studying process I was involved in the investigation focused on the effect of language dominance on simultaneous bilinguals’ grammatical gender processing. Now my aim is to expand my expertise in the area of bilingual’s syntactic and morphosyntactic processing. To see my complete CV, click here.

Teaching experience

2005- 2012: Teaching ‘English Language’ (Bachelor and Master programs at Omsk State University, Russia).

2015- present: Working as a temporary professor at the University of the Basque Country

Subjects I’ve had a chance to teach: English Language I (degree in Basque Studies and degree in Philology); Academic English and English Language V (degree in English Philology); English Language B II (degree in Translation and Interpreting); Business English I (degree in Business Management).

Now I’m focused on technical language and teach ‘English for Industrial Engineering’ and ‘English for Renewable Energy Engineering’ (degree in engineering,  Campuses: San Sebastian, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Eibar).


Russian (native speaker)

English (advanced)

Spanish (advanced)

Basque (advanced, EGA)

Recent publications

Zimnukhova, S. & Erdozia, K. (2021) Begi-mugimenduen erregistroa bigarren hizkuntzen prozesamendu sintaktikoan. Bi hizkuntza garun bakarrean: euskal psikohizkuntzalaritzaren ekarpenak eta erronkak. Udako Euskal Unibertsitateak eta Euskal Herriko Unibertsitateak lankidetzan argitaratuta, p. 159-.

Caffarra, S., Zimnukhova, S., & Mancini, S. (2016) What usage can do: The effect of language dominance on simultaneous bilinguals’ morphosyntactic processing. Linguistics Vanguard. DOI 10.1515/lingvan-2016-0020

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