University of the Basque Country: Mission statement and Core Values

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Our mission is to nurture an enlightened population by providing quality education and training based on knowledge, innovation and equity.

As a public institution we are community-funded, and both fees and services rely only to a small extent on students: our university is owned by all, open to all.

We support the acceptance of alterity and the inclusion of all members beyond discrepancies of any kind.

The University of the Basque Country is a unique custodian of our age-old linguistic heritage: we have raised Basque language (the only pre Indo-European tongue still spoken) to the highest educational level.

Upholders of 70% of research carried out in our region, we are deeply committed to producing theoretical knowledge with a view to improve people´s lives.


-Education as the base of a free society
-Acceptance and inclusion beyond differences


-Bi-directional educational model based on problem-solving methodologies and personal initiative enhancement (IKD or Cooperative and Dynamic Pedagogy)
-High-demand academic programmes
-Academic progression and personal effort accounted for in final reports
-Research-oriented education