We collaborate with our local EMS services in managing and processing of AED and defibrillator data, utstein data from our regional cardiac arrest registry and collaborative projects involving their ALS ambulances.


University of Stavanger

We have actively collaborated with Prof. Trygve Eftestol and his Biomedical Data Analysis group since 2006. We share tools and interests in the application of biomedical signal processing to the management of large resuscitation data repositories.



We collaborate with NAKOS, the Norwegian competence center for prehospital medicine,  with Professors Lars Wik and Jo Kramer-Johansen. Our collaboration is focused in many aspects of resuscitation, from special treatment, to CPR data analysis or the development of specific algorithms to improve the "intelligence" of current defibrillators.



We collaborate with OHSU, the Oregon Health and Science University, through Professor Mohamud Daya. Our collaboration is focused on processing large resuscitation datasets (ROC initiative) and on developing  specific algorithms for defibrillators.

UT Southwestern

UT Southwestern

We collaborate with Univerisity of Texas Southwestern through Professor Ahamed Idris, the director of the Dallas-Fort Worth Center for Resuscitation Research. Our collaboration is focused on processing large resuscitation datasets (ROC initiative), particularly on topics related to CPR quality (compressions and ventilations) and its relation to survival.

UT Texas (Mc Govern medical school)


We collaborate with the Ohio State Univerisity through Professor Henry Wang, Vice Chair for Research of the Department of Emergency Medicine. Our collaboration is focused on obtaining CPR process data to elucidate the effects of different intubation types on survival, and on developing machine learning algorithms to identify patterns in the CPR process data.