Accepted posters include:


E. Benito (CSIC, Madrid): “Localization and spectral statistics in disordered Floquet 1D lattices”

C. Cabrera (ICFO, Barcelona): “Coherently coupled BECs with tunable interactions: from modified scattering to density-dependent gauge fields”    

D. Gonzales (ICFO, Barcelona): "Symmetry-Broken Topological Phases of Strongly-Correlated Bosons"    

N. Guenter (ICFO, Barcelona): "Bose Polaron at finite temperatures"    

G. Guijarro (UPC, Barcelona): TBA

M. A. García-March (ICFO, Barcelona): “Relaxation, chaos, and thermalization in a three-mode model of a BEC”

J. Mur-Petit (U. Oxford, UK): "Quantum probe spectroscopy for cold atomic systems"

F. M. Marchetti (UAM, Madrid): “Quench dynamics of bosons”