List of talks:


V. Ahufinger (UAB, Barcelona): "Topological edge states and Aharanov-Bohm caging with ultracold atoms carrying orbital angular momentum”

Gregory Astrakharchik (UPC, Barcelona): "The liquid state of Bose mixtures: a quantum Monte-Carlo study"

M. A. García-March (ICFO, Barcelona): “Entanglement of two impurities immersed in a Bose-Einstein condensate”

R. González-Férez (UGR, Granada): “Non-resonant light control of ultracold collisions”

M. C. Gordillo (UPO, Sevilla): “Small clusters of fermions in optical lattices”

P. Grzybowski (ICFO, Barcelona): "Strongly Correlated Bosons on a Dynamical Lattice"

M. Guilleumas (UB, Barcelona): "Static properties of two coupled atomtronic circuits"

B. Juliá (UB, Barcelona): "Dynamics of dark solitons in binary mixtures of Bose-Einstein condensates"

M. Lewenstein (ICFO, Barcelona): TBA

F. M. Marchetti (UAM, Madrid): “Quantum many-body correlations in polariton microcavities”

M. Mitchell (ICFO, Barcelona): "Single neutral atoms and single domain spinor condensates"

R. Molina (CSIC, Madrid): “Generalized fluctuations relations: applications to trapped ions”

A. Muñoz (Massey University, NZ): “Embedded solitons protected by symmetry in Bose-Einstein condensates”

J. Mur-Petit (U. Oxford, UK): “Ultracold molecules for quantum simulation: rotational coherences in CaF and RbCs”

G. Pelegrí (UAB, Barcelona): “Quantum sensing using imbalanced counter-rotating Bose-Einstein condensate modes”

G. Pieplow (UCM, Madrid): "Generating a cat state from kinetic driving of a boson gas"

M. Pino (IFF-CSIC, Madrid): “Quantum anealing in spin-boson model: from a perturbative to an ultrastrong mediated coupling”

D. Porras (CSIC, Madrid): “Emergence of quantum thermalization and fluctuation-dissipation relations in cold atom systems”

J. Sánchez-Baena (UPC, Barcelona): “Quantum Monte Carlo methods for spin-orbit-coupled quantum gases”

L. Santos (LUH, Hannover, DE): “Disordered lattice models with power-law hopping”

A. Sanz (UCM, Madrid): “Quantum State Diffusion: An Effective Markovian Description to Analyze Quantum Decoherence”

L. Tagliacozzo (UB, Barcelona): “Out-of-equilibrium properties of many-body quantum systems”

L. Tarruell (ICFO, Barcelona): “Solitons and droplets in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates with tunable interactions”

X. Viñas (UB, Barcelona): “Transverse Josephson vortices and localized states in stacked Bose-Einstein condensates”