Remiro Eguskiza, Aingeru

(Assistant Professor)

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Abbreviated CV

In 2007, I graduated in Chemical Engineering at the Science and Technology Faculty of UPV/EHU. Subsequently, I joined the Catalytic Processes and Waste Valorization research group as a researcher and in 2012 I completed my PhD about hydrogen production by steam reforming of bio-oil. After, I have pursued my research career thanks to some postdoctoral contracts and a project of the Johnson-Matthey Company. In 2015, I got the postdoctoral grant of the UPV/EHU and since October 2016, I have been also teaching, firstly in the Pharmacy Faculty and later in the Science and Technology Faculty. Since 2019, I have been working as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy. My research work has been framed in the development of catalytic processes with energetic and environment interest related mainly to biorefinery. Particularly, most of my work has been focused on hydrogen production by steam reforming of oxygenates such as DME, ethanol and bio-oil. In addition, I have also worked on the oxidative steam reforming of bio-oil in a two-step in-line process (thermal and catalytic), as well as in the regenerability of the catalysts that allows the scaling of the process. Currently, I am involved in a project that addresses the intensification of reforming by CO2 capture and the use of membrane reactor, as well as combined reforming with CO2 and water. The results of this work has been published in 33 scientific papers in indexed journals (JCR) and 6 in non-indexed journals. These articles have more than 1066 citations and an h index of 19.



BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN BIOTECHNOLOGY: Biotechnology Integrated Laboratory


A4.P1.3 (ZTF/FCT)