Rodríguez Plaza, Suni

(PreDoc Researcher)


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Abbreviated CV

I obtained the Degree in Chemical Engineering in 2016 in the University of Valladolid, doing my Final Project in the VOC&Odour Treatment investigation group titled “Diseño de un proceso de valorización de gases de efecto invernadero”. I obtained the Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering in 2017 in the same university, obtaining the end of master's degree award, and doing my Master’s Thesis in the same investigation group titled “Estudio comparativo de la eliminación de CH4 acoplada a la producción de ectoína en cultivos de Methylomicrobium alcaliphilum 20Z y cultivos mixtos.” The results obtained in my Degree Final Project and my Master’s Thesis allowed me to appear as a contributor in the publication “Ectoine bio-milking in methanotrophs: A step further towards methane-based bio-refineries into high added-value products”.

After completing my master's degree, I continued my professional career in the business world in various companies oriented to the service sector in the management of maintenance and operation contracts.

In October 2019 I resumed my research career in the Process Control and Supervision (CSP) group, within the Department of Systems Engineering and Automation (DISA) at the University of Valladolid, orienting my research to fed-batch Bioreactor modeling.

Since December 2020 I am a PhD student at the University of the Basque Country through a predoctoral FPI contract granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. My research focuses on the operation of a semi-batch reactor to maximize gasoline and diesel fraction yields in the catalytic hydrocracking of a VGO and pyrolysis waxes blend, focusing at the same time on obtaining data to perform various mathematical models of the process.