Call for papers english

Call for papers

First publication date: 17/07/2017

We invite proposals on any of the following topics:

1. The Life, Works and Reception of Marx

The conference starts with a section devoted to the life and works of Karl Marx. A prolific and controversial author, Marx deserves a focus in updating and revising his writings — its aims, limitations and merits —. We invite specialists engaged in recovering for the present the historical figure, the literary production and contemporary critique of Karl Marx; researchers who deal with the development of his intellectual production in context and who are willing to overcome the static and vulgar image of Marx as a museum piece. Shall we place him at the height of its times — untimely as it may appear — or shall we relegate him to the trunk of “classics” of whom everybody speaks but nobody really knows?

2. Theories of Capital, Accumulation and Crisis

The second section is devoted to the topics and domains from the scientific project of the critique of political economy: capital, accumulation and crisis (or crises). To which extent can social science deal with such issues? To what degree can we speak of “social science” for addressing global society – given that there cannot be a single science of society and that the social sciences can only exist as battlefields in the capitalist modernity? Undoubtedly, the paths of modernity appear to have been often overgrown by the wondrous “chart of progress”. Are the growing inequality, economicunderdevelopment, “globalization”, misery and warfare the causes or the consequences of a particular world order? And if so, following which laws, dynamics, and conflicts of interest does such an order impose itself?

3. Debating Revolutionary Practice

Finally there is the question of revolutionary practice: its feasibility, its strategies, its ends. We count for this on answers stemming from a large number of fronts: from the

defense of the territory and political ecology, from the different feminisms, gender studies and theories of transversality, from the national liberation movements and the critical addressing of hegemony, from the building of the Commune, workers control, collective autonomy and popular power... We do not expect so much diagnoses of the current political situation but an understanding of these people ́s agenda, their feasible alternatives, a possible roadmap for class emancipation and the abolition of any bourgeois regime. To this respect, our purpose is to open to the public a series of debates, both critical and constructive, on the struggles and challenges of our times. These will be presented in the form of roundtables stuffed with political agents and mili tants of various origins in order to make for revolution to embody and strengthen itself in our immediate surrounding or, so to speak, in the sphere of everyday life.




Proposals/abstracts must consist of a title, summary (between 250 and 300 words), topic from the list and a brief personal presentation (fields of activity/research and affiliation).

Communications may be in English, French, Spanish or Basque.  Proposals/abstracts in French, Basque and Spanish should be accompanied by an English translation.


Please send proposals to the conference contact email:


Abstracts' submission deadline (definitive):
 November 15th 2017    

Submission of communication papers:
February 1st 2018