IAVS financial support

Please read before the instructions for "IAVS FINANCIAL SUPPORT" available on: http://iavs.org/Membership/Financial-Support.aspx

Application procedure:

  1. Only IAVS members can apply for this support.
  2. Prepare a motivation letter (maximum 1 page) explaining why you want to attend the EVS congress, its possible benefits to your future research, and if applicable, how previous experiences from other conferences have helped your research. Indicate the approximate amount of support (in Euros) you ask for, and which expenses you need to cover (travel, conference fee, accommodation, or any combination of these). State clearly that you have no or only partial financial support from your institution for attending the EVS congress. Add a preliminary abstract of your talk or poster and a brief CV.
  3. The applications form with your data will be handled by the EVS congress Organising and Scientific Committee and sent to the head of IAVS Global Sponsorship Committee, which will make all decisions about financial support. The selection of grantees and the decision on the amount of the individual travel grants will be based both on the personal merits of the applicants (e.g. abstract quality, motivation, CV) and their needs (e.g. income situation, travel costs to Bilbao).
  4. All the applicants will be informed about the decision of the GSC by  May 1st 2017. Conference fees and accommodation costs of the awardees will be covered by the IAVS, reimbursement modalities will be communicated only to the applicants later, after the procedure was agreed with the IAVS Secretariat.

Out of time!
Deadline for sending information: from 2016/12/15 to 2017/03/01