Research topics

Currently, we work in three different research topics.

  • Topic 1 deals with the biological activities of the monoclonal antibody C7 and of six peptides containing the sequence of the hypervariable regions (CDRs) of C7 (P-CDRs). The monoclonal antibody C7 was developed in our laboratory against an antigen of Candida albicans and reacts, as well, against antigens of various fungal species, and even against some antigens of tumor cells. Besides, the monoclonal C7 has in vitro fungicidal activity against different clinically significant fungi and protects against the systemic infection by C. albicans. The monoclonal antibody has tumoricidal activity against HeLa cells too. Consequently, both the monoclonal and the P-CDRs might be of use in the treatment of some fungal infections and of some tumors.
  • In topic 2 we study the usefulness of some serological markers such as antibodies against recombinant antigens of C. albicans, b-(1,3)-glucan and fungal DNA, in the diagnosis of patients with invasive candidiasis or invasive aspergilosis.
  • In topic 3 we characterize atypical isolates of C. dubliniensis. C. dubliniensis is a species of the genus Candida, phenotypically very similar to C. albicans and frequently isolated from the human oral cavity. The identification in the laboratory of clinical microbiology is not easy; consequently techniques for the rapid identification of this species are necessary.