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Professor of Geological Sciences in the Department of Stratigraphy and Palaeontology

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  1. Biography
  2. Research groups
  3. Research interests
  4. Publications
  5. Press contacts
  6. Supervises

1. Biography

  • Graduate Universidad Pais Vasco, Bilbao 1982
  • PhD Bilbao 1986
  • Reader 86-2000 and
  • Professor 2000-present, Universidad Pais Vasco

2. Research Groups

  • Creataceous Resources Events and Rhythms Research Group  

3. Research Interests

  • Carbonate petroleum reservoirs, prediction of facies and porosity
  • Carbonate sequence stratigraphy and sedimentology
  • Field excursions to Aptian and Albian of North Spain as analogues of Middle East reservoirs
  • Rudist buildups of the Cretaceous
  • Hydrothermal dolomitization
  • Taught courses on sedimentary environments, carbonate sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology and diagenesis  

4. Publications

Journal papers: academic

Chaler, R., Dorronsoro, C., Grimalt, J.O., Aguirrezabala, L.M., Fernández-Mendiola, P.A., García-Mondéjar, J., Gómez-Pérez, I. & López-Horgue, M. (2005) C22-C30 Even carbon numbered distributions of n-alkanes in Ocean Anoxic Event samples from the Basque-Cantabrian basin. Naturwissenschaften, 92, 221-225.

García-Mondéjar, J., López-Horgue, M., Aranburu, A. & Fernández-Mendiola. P.A. (2005) Pulsating subsidence during a rift episode: stratigraphic and tectonic consequences (Aptian-Albian, Northern Spain). Terranova 17(6), 517-525.

Fernández-Mendiola, P. A. y García-Mondéjar, J. (2003). Carbonate platform growth influenced by contemporaneous basaltic intrusion (Albian of Larrano, Spain). Sedimentology, 961-978.

Aranburu, A., Fernández-Mendiola, P. A., López-Horgue, M. A. y García-Mondéjar, J. (2002). Syntectonic hydrothermal calcite in a faulted carbonate platform margin (Albian of Jorrios, northern Spain). Sedimentology, 49, 875-890.

López-Horgue, M.A., Owen, H.G., Rodríguez-Lázaro, J., Orue-Etxebarria, X., Fernández-Mendiola, P.A. and García-Mondéjar, J. (1999). Late Albian-Early Cenomanian stratigraphic succession near Estella-Lizarra (Navarra, central northern Spain) and its regional and interregional correlation. Cretaceous Research, 20, 369-402.

Gómez-Pérez, I., Fernández-Mendiola, P.A. and García-Mondéjar, J. (1999). Depositional architecture of a rimmed carbonate platform (Albian, Gorbea, western Pyrenees). Sedimentology, 46, 337-356.

Gómez-Pérez, I., Fernández-Mendiola, P.A. y García-Mondéjar, J. (1998). Platform margin palaeokarst development from the Albian of Gorbea (Basque-Cantabrian region, N Iberia). Acta Geológica Hungarica, 41(1), 3-22.

Fernández-Mendiola, P.A. y García-Mondéjar, J. (1997). The isolated carbonate platform of Caniego, Spain: a test of the worldwide latest Albian sea-level changes. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 109, 176-194.

Baron-Szabo, R.C. & Fernández-Mendiola, P.A., (1997). Cretaceous scleractinian corals from the Albian of Cabo de Ajo (Cantabria province, N-Spain). Paläontologische Zeitschrift, 71(1-2), 35-50.

García-Mondéjar, J., Agirrezabala, L.M., Aranburu, A., Fernández-Mendiola, P.A., Gómez-Pérez, I., López-Horgue, M. y Rosales, I. (1996). The Aptian-Albian tectonic pattern of the Basque-Cantabrian Basin (Northern Spain). Geological Journal, 31, 13-45.

Rosales, I., Mehl, D., Fernández-Mendiola, P.A. y García-Mondéjar, J. (1995). An unusual poriferan community in the Albian of Islares (north Spain): Palaeoenvironmental and tectonic implications. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 119, 47-61.

García-Mondéjar, J. y Fernández-Mendiola, P.A. (1995). Albian carbonate mounds: comparative study in the context of sea-level variations (Soba, Northern Spain). En: Monty, C.L.V., Bosence, D., Bridges, P. y Pratt, B. (eds.), Mud mounds: origin and evolution. IAS Special Publication, 23, 359-384.

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García-Mondéjar, J. y Fernández-Mendiola, P.A. (1993). Sequences stratigraphy and systems tracts of a mixed carbonate and siliciclastic platform-basin model: the Albian of Lunada and Soba, Northern Spain. American Asociation of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, 77(2), 245-275.

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Fernández-Mendiola, P.A. y García-Mondéjar, J. (1989) Sedimentation of a lower Cretaceous (Aptian) coral mound complex, Zaraya Mountains, Northern Spain. Geological Magazine, 126(4), 423-434.

5. Press Contacts

Available for press contact about:

  • The Earth: Rocks & natural forces: sedimentology, fossils, limestones, sandstones
  • The Earth: Rocks & natural forces: geology of the Basque-Cantabrian Basin

6. Supervises

  • Isabel Millán: The Aptian of Aralar (Navarra): stratigraphy and sedimentation (2005-2008)