Dual Training


In a globalised world, society, politics, communication and information are constantly changing. Getting to know at first hand the institutions, companies and other organisations providing services to meet current needs and demands in all these areas is without a doubt an opportunity to learn in a dynamic professional environment that will contribute to students' future employability.

This is the primary aim of the joint training path for degree courses in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication. By alternating learning between the university and the professional environment, 3rd and 4th-year students can do the Joint Training I and Joint Training II subject courses, the whole optional component of the degree and their final degree project in an organisation or company. The two learning periods are jointly tutored by lecturers and professionals at the organisation or company.

Accounting for 48 optional credits and a total of 1200 paid hours on placement in the organisation or company, the joint training path will give students the chance to acquire technical skills and abilities in a professional setting, to develop transversal competencies (autonomy, teamwork, responsibility), to discover the daily working of organisations and companies and to find out about the social and employment context in which the profession is exercised.



Students who have passed all the subject courses in the first two years can apply for the Dual Training path. Places will be assigned according to the average mark in their academic transcript.



The bodies taking part include some of the leading companies and institutions in the Basque Country, in which students can carry on their learning