First publication date: 13/01/2020

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The magnetism and magnetic materials group (GMMM) was formed in the late 1980s, initially led by Dr. José Manuel Barandiarán and since 2013 led by Dr. Mª Luisa Fernández-Gubieda.

The group develops an intense research and training work with more than 200 indexed publications and 7 theses defended in the last 6 years, and 9 theses in progress. As a result of the consistent and productive research performed, the group is acknowledged as an "A" class consolidated research group in the Basque Country and has international reputation.

At present, it is an interdisciplinary group composed of Physicists, Electronic Engineers and Biologists working together.

The main objective of the group is to prepare and characterize new magnetic materials with special properties for outstanding applications.

Nowadays there are three main research lines: Magnetotactic bacteria as theranostic agent, Ferromagnetic shape memory alloys and Magnetic Sensors.

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