Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic sensors

The Group of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (GMMM) (UPV / EHU) has always maintained an open research line focused on the application of magnetic materials to sensor or actuator devices. This is possible due to properties such as magnetostriction, magnetoelasticity, magnetoimpedance or magnetoresistance, exhibited by many magnetic materials.

a) Scheme explaining the principle of operation of a magnetoelastic sensor for the detection of pathogens. The resonance frequency of the functionalized ME resonator shifts to lower values when the pathogens from a test sample are binded. The contactless detection allows for a remote interrogation of the sensor; b) Electrical test of MI microsensors fabricated onto a Si wafer in the group's clean room at the Faculty. The inset shows an electron microscope image of one of the fabricated sensors.

The main objective of this research line is to design magnetic sensors based on the coupling of physical properties with magnetism, such as magneto-impedance (MI) and magneto-elastic (ME) effects. Our research is focused in the following property-based sensors:

MI property based sensors. MI takes advantage of the huge changes in the electrical impedance of soft magnetic materials and provides excellent sensitivities to very small magnetic fields.

ME property based sensors. The ME effect arises when a mechanical action generates a magnetic change within the magnetic material, and vice versa. If this material is driven to resonance, this characteristic resonace frequency is extremely sensitive to many external physical parameters (pressure, humidity, mass deposition, among others).

Multifunctional materials based sensors. The combination of magnetic materials with good magnetostrictive behaviour combined with piezoelectric materials, gives as result magnetoelectric composites that are also multifunctional materials with outstanding sensitivity for sensors and excellent performance as energy harvesters.

Members of the group working on this research lineJon Gutiérrez, Alfredo García Arribas, David de Cos, Galina kurlyandskaya, Andoni LasherasPre-docsNerea Lete, Beatriz Sisniega