Mª Luisa Fernández-Gubieda

Mª Luisa Fernández-Gubieda



I graduated in Solid State Physics at the University of the Basque Country where I received my doctorate in 1991. Since 2002 I am professor and currently head of the Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Research Group. I am a member of the Basque Center for Materials, Nanostructures and Applications (BCMaterials), belonging to the network of BERC centers of Ikerbasque, the Basque Foundation for Science. From 2007 to 2011, I have been vice dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

My main research line has been to study the relationship between structure and magnetism in amorphous magnetic materials and nanometric systems. In 2011, I launched a new line of research with magnetotactic bacteria with a double purpose: 1) to study 1D magnetic nanostructures using the bacteria as a model and 2) to study the viability of the particles synthesized by the bacteria and the bacteria themselves in biomedical applications.

Another of the important activities of my research career is the use of large scientific facilities, mainly synchrotron radiation. I have been one of the promoters of the beamline of the Spanish ALBA synchrotron "Core level absorption and Emission Spectroscopies Beamline" which was approved in the first phase. In addition, I have been a member of the International Commission for the evaluation of the Italian line in the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility: Review panel GILDA 2009 and I am currently a member of the International Commission for the Evaluation of Measurement Proposals of the British DIAMOND Synchrotron.

Since 2000 I have been the principal investigator of 7 research projects within the National Materials Plan. In addition, I have coordinated two Marie Curie Individual Fellowship projects.

I have participated in the organization of international congresses as organizational secretary (VI International Workshop on Non-Crystalline Solids, 2000; XV International Conference on Soft Magnetic Materials, 2001; 6th European Conference on Magnetic Sensors and Actuators, 2006) and I have been a member of the editorial committee of Soft Magnetic Materials 2017. Finally, it should be noted that I have participated in the nomination for the Nobel Prize in Physics 2020 at the invitation of the Nobel Committee for Physics of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science.