Research Goals



The ‘Materials + Technologies' Group focus all its technological and human resources on the development of three main goals: training, research and transfer of knowledge.

One of the main objectives of the Group is the training of researchers and their integration within the group's research activities. Number of students develops their PhD thesis within the Renewable Materials Engineering PhD Program, in which the staff of the group takes part and recognized by the Mention of Excellence.

The research carried out by the group members and the transfer of the generated knowledge result in a great number of both national and international research projects, research papers and patents, as well as in the contribution to international conferences. Moreover, the group members take part in different seminars, courses and workshops. It is also worth mention the researchers and teachers mobility in stays, the exchange programs and the collaborations with different universities both at a national and international level.

Finally, it is also worth noting that the group has access to a great number of facilities and equipment which allows developing its different research lines.