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Researcher Agnieszka Tercjak in NANOPOL 2023

First publication date: 11/09/2023


Our Group researcher Agnieszka Tercjak presented a work entitled Self-healable epoxidised soybean oil based thermosetting systems modified with photo-switchable nematic liquid crystal in the conference “Nanostructured Polymers: from precision synthesis to physical properties” presenting the work entitled “”, NANOPOL 2023, in Orléans (France) from September 4th to 8th.

Thesis defense: Eider Mendiburu-Valor

First publication date: 24/07/2023


On July, 21th, GMT PhD student Eider Mendiburu Valor presented her doctoral thesis entlited “Valorization of Marine PET litter. From conventional methods to chemical recycling for the synthesis of novel polyurethanes”, supervised by Dr. Cristina Peña and Dr. Arantxa Eceiza.

Basque Environment and Ocean Week 2023

First publication date: 19/07/2023


In June, the Basque Environment and Ocean Week 2023 (BEOW Talks) was held in Bilbao. On June 6, our colleague Cristina Peña presented some of the GMT investigations related to plastic debris and its treatment possibilities and impacts. Joana Larreta (AZTI) and Amaia Orbea and Manu Soto (PIE-UPV/EHU) also participated in the session organized by Itsasmuseum, the Basque Government and the Ministry of Culture and Sports and called Chemical Pollution. The session was moderated by Eider Bilbao (PIE-UPV/EHU).  

Full session

MATCOMP 2023 Conference

First publication date: 10/07/2023

Ana Cristina Restrepo in MATCOMP 2023 congress

Our pre-doctoral researcher Ana Cristina Restrepo Montoya participated as a speaker in MATCOMP 2023, a workshop organized by the University of Oviedo, which took place from 13 to 15 June in Gijon, Spain. The presented research work "Bio-based Recyclable crosslinked polyurethanes based on a thermally reversible Diels-Alder Adduct" is developed under the direction of Dra. Ainara Saralegi and la Dra. Arantxa Eceiza.

We participated in "Frontiers in Polymer Science"

First publication date: 13/06/2023


Our PhD student Garazi Berra González participated in the conference "Frontiers in Polymer Science", organized by Elsevier, from May 29th to June 1st in Gothenburg, Sweden. She presented the posters entitled "Development of Diels-Alder cross-linked starch-based bioadhesives for cellulosic materials" and "Silver and Gold decorated electrospun polyurethane membranes".

Materials Horizons Outstanding Paper Award 22

First publication date: 29/05/2023


The work entitled «Semi-paracrystallinity in semi-conducting polymers», in which two researchers from our group, A. Tercjak and J. Gutierrez, have participated, has been awarded the Materials Horizons Outstanding Paper Award 22.

'Circular Economy and Materials' seminar at Tecnun School of Engineering

First publication date: 28/04/2023


Our colleague Cristina Peña has given the seminar 'Circular Economy and Materials' at Tecnun School of Engineering (University of Navarra).

The session included the conceptualization of the Circular Economy and its relationship with the consumption of resources related to the synthesis of polymers. Finally, she summarized some of the GMT's advances in recycling processes and the use of agricultural and livestock waste. Finally, she presented the activities developed by the  Circular Economy University-Company Classroom (Faculty of Engineering Gipuzkoa, UPV/EHU, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa)

The GMT took part in the II Conference on Circular Economy in Engineering

First publication date: 13/03/2023

On 10 February, the Engineering Faculty of Gipuzkoa held the 2nd Conference on Circular Economy in Engineering organised by the University-Business Classroom of Circular Economy. The conference was attended by more than 10 researchers and collaborators of the School who presented their advances in different areas of engineering and its relation with the Circular Economy. The GMT also participated with presentations by recent PhD researcher Amaia Mendoza, and pre-doctoral students Eider Mendiburu and Asier Elejoste.

Link videos

Thesis defense: Joseba Gómez Hermoso de Mendoza

First publication date: 06/03/2023


On March 1st, GMT PhD student Joseba Gómez Hermoso de Mendoza presented his doctoral thesis entitled “Development of nanostructured materials based on cellulose  acetate modified with inorganic nanoparticles” supervised by Dr Agnieszka Tercjak and Dr Junkal Gutierrez.

Thesis defense: Raquel Olmos

First publication date: 19/12/2022


On December 19th, the GMT PhD student Raquel Olmos presented her doctoral thesis entitled “Biomaterial inks and bioinks for extrusion 3D printing and their biomedical applications in precision medicine” supervised by Dr. Arantxa Eceiza and Dr. Nagore Gabilondo.

Thesis defense: Miriam Gallur

First publication date: 16/12/2022


On December 15th, the ITENE and GMT PhD student Miriam Gallur presented her doctoral thesis entitled “Development of biodegradable nanostructured polymer materials by using block copolymer for packaging applications” supervised by Dr Susana Aucejo (DS Smith) and Dr Agnieszka Tercjak (GMT).

The 'Engineering services and industrial eco-innovation' initiative developed at the GMT wins the Manuel Laborde Award

First publication date: 02/12/2022


The initiative 'Engineering services and industrial eco-innovation', winner of the New Innovative Initiative award, focuses on engineering services and industrial eco-innovation. The initiative, Amaia Mendoza and Arancha Agirrezabalaga, was born from the collaboration of the entrepreneurs with the GMT research group of the School of Engineering of Gipuzkoa. The Jury highlighted their know-how and specialisation in the field of microplastics.

The Manuel Laborde Werlinden Awards arise from the Entreprenari Programme, developed and managed by the Gipuzkoa Campus of the University of the Basque Country and the European Business and Innovation Centre BIC Gipuzkoa. Its aim is to promote entrepreneurial ideas and projects in the university environment. The applications submitted in this edition came from teaching and research staff of the University of the Basque Country, graduates, postgraduates or final year students of the University of the Basque Country and companies interested in exploiting the results of research carried out in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country through the creation of a new company.


Thesis defense: Amaia Mendozaren

First publication date: 23/11/2022


On 17 November, researcher Amaia Mendoza presented the doctoral thesis “Microplastics on the south-eastern coast of the Gulf of Bizkaia: characteristics, foci and strategies for control and prevention” by Oihane Cabezas. (Azti) and Doc. Cristina Peñas Directed (GMT, UPV/EHU).

This thesis has been developed in collaboration with GMT and AZTI, as well as other collaborators such as the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, the Aquarium of San Sebastián, the PIVICSA and the AGUA. The thesis has advanced the identification, methodology and analysis of microplastics, as well as their prevention, especially in the industrial sector.

The GMT in the Science Week

First publication date: 11/11/2022


From 10 to 12 November 2022 you can visit in Tabakalera (Donostia) the stands and activities that the UPV/EHU has organized on Science Week. The GMT research group is participating with a stand, called Plastics and Circular Economy in which it presents some of the results of the research developed by different members of the group in the area of recycling. This stand has been organized with the collaboration of the Circular Economy University-Company Classroom (Faculty of Engineering Gipuzkoa, UPV/EHU, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa). Some of the results presented includes the development of transformation processes and chemical recycling of marine litter (fishing nets, PET bottles, HDPE boats), industrial waste (polyurethane powder derived from the plastics industry, etc.) and industrial waste (polyurethane powder derived from the surf board production) and waste from the primary sector (latxa sheep wool, ear tag).

PhD Thesis defense: Oihane Echeverria

First publication date: 07/10/2022


On October 7th, the Tecnalia and GMT PhD student Oihane Etxeberria presented her doctoral thesis entitled “Novel sustainable PUR formulations for structural components” supervised by Dr. Isabel Harismendy (Tecnalia) and Dr. Arantxa Eceiza.

Conference on Circular Economy in the food sector

First publication date: 06/10/2022


The 6th of October, the GMT participated in the Conference on Circular Economy in the food sector, organized by the Vitoria-Gazteiz City Council. Cristina Peña participated in Block II called "R+D+i as a key element towards zero waste". In her scientific talk she presented the analysis of the use of plastics in the agricultural sector and the potential associated impacts.

Further information

3D printing of starch for the manufacture of personalized medicines

First publication date: 13/09/2022


Our research group, 'Materials + Technologies' (GMT), has successfully developed on demand 3D printed tablets to meet the individual needs of each patient. It was demonstrated that the release of the active ingredient could be adapted using starches from different botanical origin and optimizing the geometry of the tablet.


'Materials + technologies' group has been to Plolymers 2022 sciforum

First publication date: 01/06/2022


Our researcher Eider Mendiburu-Valor has participed in the conference "New Trends in Polymer Science: Health of Planet, Health of the People" organized by Polymers MDPI 2022, during 25th-27th May in Turin, Italy, presenting in poster format the work "Study of Degradation and Chemical Recycling by Glycolysis of Urban and Marine PET litter" under the direction of Dr. Cristina Peña- Rodriguez and Dr. Arantxa Eceiza.