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Course outline

Acquired skills

These are the main competences for which this degree will qualify you:

  • To be capable of analysing and interpreting artistic processes over the course of the centuries, appraising the succession of styles, the role of artists amd the theory of the arts.
  • To be capable of analysing and interpreting historical processes through a work of art as a significant document of social and cultural history, together with other textual and material testimonies.
  • To be capable of applying the discipline's practical aspects to new professional options, such as cultural dissemination and the management, study and dissemination of the historical-artistic heritage or museumology.
  • To be capable of classifying and comprehensively commenting on (style and iconography) different works of architecture, sculpture, painting, cinema, music and other arts within their historical and artistic context using the specific languages of each artistic discipline.
  • To be capable of developing oral and written expression as appropriate for a university degree and suited to the discipline of the history of art.
  • To be capable of performing critical analyses of texts, documents and other materials on artworks and historical-artistic issues.
  • To be capable of relating and applying the degree’s specific knowledge to other closely related areas and disciplines.