Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Public Management

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Politics involves the day-to-day life of all people in each of their personal and professional interactions. The Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Public Management will train you in the structure and functioning not only of the Public Administration but also of the Government and Parliament. Political ideas and their origins, social movements, political parties and electoral processes will form the basis of your training.

The political systems of the surrounding area receive special attention without detracting from the learning of other European and world reference models. Likewise, the Degree will provide you with a solid training in international relations.

The instrumental courses will enable you to learn the different research techniques, such as surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and the design and implementation of public policies or political programmes. This is key for your professional future.

You will have the choice of specializing in any of these three majors or career paths: Political Analysis and Consultancy, Public Analysis and Administration, or International Relations.

This degree has obtained the Dual University Training Quality Seal awarded by Unibasq - Agency for Quality of the Basque University System, so you will have the option of taking the dual track.

XSL Content

Knowledge areas

Social Sciences and Law


Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences





4 courses

Number of credits

240 ECTS credits


Basque, English, Spanish

Study type

Face-to-face degree

Price per credit in first registration

13,42 €

Pass mark

5 in extraordinary exam session (2023/24)

Places available

75 places



4 reasons to choose this degree

  • Society demands political alternatives and decisions committed to its needs, and you will be able to propose them.
  • You will have 3 majors to specialise or you will be able to design your own study plan by choosing the subjects.
  • You will learn about the functioning of key institutions in our society such as Euskobarómetro, political parties, trade unions and local governments.
  • You will be able to get your first job with grants such as Lehen Aukera, Global Trainning, etc.


Entry Profile

If you worry about the social and political conflicts of a global world, you are interested in current topics and challenges; you are attracted to analyses and reflections on social phenomena this is your degree. Moreover, if you are passionate about political issues and governance and, moreover, you want to know how political organisations as well as the public administration work, the BA in Political Science and Public Managment will be an ideal venue for your concerns.


Career opportunities

Public administration environment:

  • General Civil Service
  • Specific civil service: Technical Participation, Equality
  • Local development agents
  • Private companies dedicated to social research
  • Advisory firms providing support in the elaboration, design and evaluation of public policies.


Political analysis or consulting:

  • Political Career
  • Political and electoral consultancy for companies and political parties.
  • Advisors in communication or public image


International relations:

  • Basis for access to diplomatic careers
  • Consultancy and management of international institutions
  • Public service in the European Union

And also in teaching and research.