Internships are voluntary and will bring you closer to the reality of one of the 600 companies, organisations or institutions with which the Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences has agreements and which offer more than 700 places for internships.

In this way, you will be able to complement your academic training and gain work experience, carrying out tasks related to the knowledge acquired during the studies both in the media and in communication and advertising agencies, audio-visual production companies or communication departments of companies and institutions. Also in NGOs, political parties, market research companies, etc.

Internships are carried out in the third and fourth years, and are supervised by professors. They are recognised with 6 academic credits, as if they were an optional course. Internship periods range from a minimum of 180 hours to a maximum of 450 hours.

In addition, there are various programmes to improve professional integration, such as grants at Berria and EITB, Santander Grants, internships abroad, Lehen Aukera Programme for graduates, etc.

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