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Course outline

Acquired skills

These are the main competences for which this degree will qualify you:

  • Acquire and show the skills involved in the interpersonal relations required for teamwork, both within the ambit of the discipline itself and in other areas of an interdisciplinary nature.
  • To be capable of presenting orally and/or in writing, with formal correction and the appropriate terminology, at least one topic or issue of historical research, with the aim being to reflect the right skills for making appropriate use of primary and secondary historical sources.
  • To be capable of reading, analysing, building and evaluating the archaeological register and historical heritage by taking part in field and laboratory work.
  • To identify the different historiographic perspectives and approaches that have emerged over time and their relationship with the culture of each historical era.
  • To show sufficient knowledge and suitable understanding of the main processes and events in universal, national and regional history, through a diachronic perspective, in terms of their different facets (economy, society, politics, culture, etc.) and their relationship with today’s societies.
  • To show the ability to place in order of importance and sequence the scientific discourse generated by History in the fields of teaching, education and communication.
  • To understand the basic techniques and methods of historical research and show an ability to obtain, organise and analyse different materials and sources of information.