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Course outline

Acquired skills

These are the main competences for which this degree will qualify you:

  • G001. To have a knowledge and understanding of Chemistry, including theoretical and practical aspects in this field.
  • G002. To suitably handle the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired in order to recognise and analyse new problems and propose strategies for solving them.
  • G003. To confidently handle chemical materials and recognise and appreciate the risks in the use of chemical substances and laboratory procedures.
  • G004. To plan, develop, manage and supervise chemical projects, using the standard techniques and equipment applied in academic and industrial laboratories.
  • G005. To analyse and interpret experimental results and scientific information for decision-making, taking into account the technical and ethical aspects of the problem in question.
  • G006. To convey information and ideas on a scientific-technical level using at least two official EU languages, and the exploiting the potential of ICTs.
  • G007. To have those learning skills required for undertaking further studies with a high degree of autonomy.
  • G008. To show a capacity for teamwork and solve problems in multidisciplinary contexts.
  • G009. To hone skills for initiating research and working in new environments.
  • G010. To receive comprehensive training that is consistent with the fundamental rights of equality, non-discrimination and the fostering of a culture of peace.