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Course outline

Acquired skills

These are the main competences for which this degree will qualify you:

  • Acquiring a knowledge of the history, theory and notions of art and design, actual production and the thinking processes of creative artists expressed through their works and writings.
  • Acquiring an in-depth knowledge of and using innovation strategies, heuristic thinking resources, investigation, critical questioning and creative methodologies to generate ideas and applying them to production and understanding in various areas.
  • Applying techniques of exposition and the giving of examples to pass on information, ideas, problems and solutions arising from work projects.
  • Get using configuration and project resources such as prototypes, 3-D models, sketches and IT resources.
  • Handling basic knowledge, the speaking of a foreign language, principles, skills, methods and methodologies for undertaking projects from the initial idea stage to the production stage, acting autonomously and also as part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • Handling materials, procedures, technologies and technical skills associated with different forms of expression and areas of artistic work, and using them to solve problems associated with different areas of application.
  • Identifying and learning about sources of information and updated techniques in the different areas of the field, and using scientific methods in the field of art and design.
  • Managing projects.
  • Recognising a knowledge of art as technical know-how that can be applied in various areas.
  • Recognising the links between productions and the social contexts in which they take place, understanding the importance of their functions and their significance so as to acquire a viewpoint based on reflection and a critique of contemporary culture, the values of equality, non-discrimination and the culture of peace.