A cooperation agreement has being signed to establish The Observatory for Basque Media

First publication date: 08/02/2016

Image: Europa Press
Image: Europa Press

The Signing Ceremony of the Agreement to support the creation of the Observatory for Basque Media took place on the 14th of January 2016 in Bilbao. The proposal was backed by the heads of three Universities and The Association of Media in Basque: Fernando Plazaola from the University of the Basque Country, Jose María Guibert from the University of Deusto, Vicente Atxa from Mondragon University and last but not least, Alberto Barandiaran the head manager of The Association of Media in Basque.

The fundamentals of the co-working agreement are: research and innovation. Among other things, they seek to develop prediction trends, to create a Basque Media database, to set up a community of lectures and professionals, as well as to promote an encounter about Basque Media. In short, they aim to gain an endorsed and effective Basque Media sector.

For that purpose, five research groups from the three universities will work together. Each one is going to work on its own research area, and, of course, all together when required. From the University of the Basque Country, there are three research groups: HGH (Media, Society of Education), NOR (Basque Communication Spaces), and HEKA (European Minority Languages, Media and Journalism); From Mondragon University: HEZIKOM (Production of Basque Audiovisual Journalism); and lastly, the Institute for Basque Issues from the University of Deusto.