Social History and Contemporary Basque Country Politics Research Group has a long research career, focused on analyzing the 19thand 20thcentury, with a special but not exclusive attention given to the Basque Country.

Throughout time the number of researchers has swollen, and at the same the objects of studies have been clearly outlined.In support of its research work, various public and private subventions have been applied for and gained. Since 2000 Research Group has been considered by the Basque Government as Consolidated Group (nowadays called the Basque University System).

At present time there are three research lines:

  • "The construction of territorial discourses and collective identities" with special reference to the contemporary Basque Country. This point encompasses the process of nation building and the creation of identities, especially territorial, through the local sphere and from the sociocultural perspective.
  • "Memory, violence and victims," focusing the research on Franco's dictatorship and terrorism.
  • Importance of the social aspect in the change processes.

Principal Researcher: Luís Castells Atreche