El grupo de investigación IBeA (Ikerkuntza eta Berrikuntza Analitikoa) lo formamos un grupo de profesores y profesoras del Departamento de Química Analítica de la UPV/EHU.

IBEA Ikerkuntza eta Berrikuntza Analitikoa

Our research group is called IBeA (Ikerketa eta Berrikuntza Analitikoa), which in basque stands for Analytical Research and Innovation. Our group is formed by lecturers and researchers from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).

Since 1987 our group has been working in many basic research lines and in several innovative and applied activities with surrounding companies.

Though the main research activities are linked with the development of analytical methodologies in the arena of environmental and cultural heritage, in the last decade we have been involved in many other activities such as food chemistry, bioactive compounds, nanomedicine, etc.


collage analitico

Since 2014, part of our group is deeply involved in the research lines that are currently carried out at the Plentzia Marine Station (PiE).


Pompeia 2014

First publication date: 27/10/2014


IBeA takes part in a new edition of the sampling and analysing campaing of wall paintings