SGIker has a new Ionic Chromatograph on the Martina Casiano Platform (2017/09/13)

First publication date: 13/09/2017


The SGIker's Phytotron and Greenhouse Unit has a new Ionic Chromatography Analyzer which has been installed in the Martina Casiano Platform in the Campus of the University of Bizkaia , in Leioa. This is a Dionex ICS-5000 + Ion Chromatograph Thermo Fisher Scientific.

This equipment is used for the analysis of organic and inorganic anions and cations (conductivity detection) and carbohydrates and their derivatives as the phosphorylated, carboxylated, amino, etc. (HPAE-PAD pulse amperometric detection), in samples of different nature. The columns of this equipment work in high pressure thus improving the efficiency and resolution of the peaks with shorter analysis times, compared to other equipment.

For more information on its characteristics, applications and requests, you can follow the link below and consult the website of the Phytotron and Greenhouse Service, you can also follow the link to the Equipment of the Month page, or contact the responsible technician directly of this equipment, Dr. Azucena González.