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Facility of the month: Ion Chromatograph

Dionex ICS-5000 + Ion Chromatograph from Thermo Fisher Scientific

We begin this section with the presentation of the new Ion Chromatograph with dual conductivity and amperometric detector from Thermo Fisher Scientific available in the Fitotron and Greenhouse Service.


Why is special?


This equipment is used for the analysis of organic and inorganic anions and cations (conductivity detection) and carbohydrates and their derivatives as the phosphorylated, carboxylated, amino, etc. (HPAE-PAD pulse amperometric detection), in samples of different nature.

The columns, used in this small particle chromatographic system, work at high pressure, improving the efficiency and resolution of the peaks with shorter analysis times. It has a high sensitivity in the measurements reaching quantification limits of the order of µg/L, and its high pressure pump can work in isocratic and gradient conditions which allows greater versatility for the analysis of various samples.

In relation to the preparation and injection, the equipment has an automatic eluent generator which allows a much faster sample preparation, versatile and error free, and an autosampler with automatic dilution options for sample injection.

What applications does it have?


The team is currently working on the analysis of inorganic anions in water from agriculture (INRA) and the analytical characterization of samples for compliance with European regulations. In addition, it has been used for the determination of ionic species in crops of agronomic interest, the analysis of organoleptic characterizations of juices, determination and quantification of nutritional sugars, analysis of contaminated soils, detection of markers of bread quality and carbohydrates in wood , Analysis of ionic species in physiological fluids, characterization of biochemical buffers, characterization of carbohydrates in the wall of pathogenic fungi ...

Other applications would be the determination of ionic species as an antifraud measure in foods (lactose in milk) and preventive of diseases: pyrophosphates in meat, fish and seafood, analysis of the quality of drinking water, characterization of drugs, and other applications within the fields of food, environment and bio-analysis among others.

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Which is its location?

  • Technology Platform Martina Casiano
  • Local 1A13, SGIker Laboratory
  • Campus of Bizkaia, area of Leioa
  • 48940 Leioa

How can I request works?

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