López Fonseca, Rubén

(Associate Professor)


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Abbreviated CV

Associate Professor at the University of The Basque Country since 2007. My research activity started in 1997 (with the beginning of my PhD Thesis, defended in 2001 and awarded with an Excellence Mention in 2003). My teaching activity started in 2002, with a part-time Assistant Professor Position. The main research topics are related to the design of catalytic processes focusing on environmental protection and clean energy production. I have taken an active role in more than 20 research projects and I have been Head Research in 5 research projects. I am co-author of 85 peer-reviewed papers (h=29, WOS) and 10 non-indexed papers. The number of citations is higher than 2000. I am co-inventor of one patent and have co-supervised 6 PhD theses (two of them recognized by The University of the Basque Country and the Spanish Catalysis Society). I am currently the supervisor of 2 PhD theses. I have participated in numerous international and national congresses related to Chemical Engineering and Applied Catalysis, with more than 200 abstracts. I have been a member of the Organizing Committee of the Meeting of the Spanish Catalysis Society (secretary, 2007). I have been the Supervisor of the Tutorial Plan of the Bs Degree in Chemical Engineering (4 academic courses), the Supervisor of the Student Exchange Program of the Bs Degree in Chemical Engineering (five academic courses), and Coordinator of the Bs Degree in Chemical Engineering (one academic course). Currently, I am the Academic Secretary of the Department of Chemical Engineering.


BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Applied Thermodynamics (2nd course) and Project Management (4th course)

MASTER IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Catalysis and Catalytic Processes, Catalytic Technologies for the Control of Air Pollution)