Calculus in Chemical Engineering (IK2)




The study programs of both BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering (GIQ and MIQ, respectively) include competencies related to the application of Numerical Analysis for the design, evaluation and optimization of industrial facilities, equipments and processes. The IK2 Teaching Team has been working in a coordinated way for years to (1) implement new teaching methodologies. in line with the IKD model established by the UPV / EHU, based on the Numerical Analysis as driving force, (2) extend the acquisition of the competence in calculus to the entire training process of GIQ and MIQ; and (3) search and disseminate calculation, modeling and simulation tools for the resolution of complex calculations in the field of the Chemical Engineering.


  • Roberto Aguado
  • Maider Amutio
  • Miriam Arabiourrutia
  • Maite Artetxe
  • Jose Luis Ayastuy
  • Gorka Elordi
  • Eva Epelde
  • Javier Ereña
  • Rubén López
  • Ana G. Gayubo